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Who we are

Who we are

It all started with 4 young people who had a special love for food.

It doesn't take many words to describe the luxury of having someone cook you exactly what you want, the way you want it, and serve it to you exactly where you are!

You may not have enough time to have lunch/dinner at your favorite restaurants every day of the week. You can be at home, work, mall, park, etc.

This is exactly what we thought when we came up with the idea to create ToGo, the convenience that can be offered to one to order without any online fee (just in three simple steps), the favorite food from the favorite restaurant regardless of the location.

One of our priorities, like any food lover, is speed of service. ToGo will make you forget any dissatisfaction you may have encountered before with your food order! And not only... Speed, reliability, at the door of your house...